September 19th + 20th saw PCS produce yet another great few days of pets, projects and lots of fun.

The children worked incredibly hard both in class and at home to complete their projects and artwork as well as training and looking after their pets.

We had an amazing turn out of animals this year with lots of dogs, a few cats, a couple of birds, a rabbit, some mice (one which escaped, but thankfully was recaptured), lambs, baby goats (kids), and even a couple of ponies.

The children had so much fun watching the students parade and show the skills of their pets as well as explain a little about them to us all.

The classroom projects were judged while the children were busy watching the pets, and then the classrooms were open for parents and family to see all their work.

After all the pets were finished with, the children all visited the other classrooms to see the hard work of all the other students.

It was a wonderful day, organised by an amazing group of parents and supported greatly but our fantastic teachers.

Thank you to everyone for making it such an enjoyable event.